Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Billboard Magazine

I received an email yesterday with some cool news, I photographed a very talented country music singer from Wilmington Madonna Nash for her latest CD, her manager Charles Fulp with Mad Charm records emailed me and she got a great plug in Billboard Magazine along with using one of the photos from are two photo shoots. I am stoked had great shoot with Madonna great personality and beautiful voice.she got placed next Tim McGraw. Awesome Charlie and Madonna.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A True Craftsman

Another one of my projects was working with this great guy I know Ian Balding, he is tall one of The Balding Brothers cabinet designers and home rehabers. www.baldingbrothers.com  He builds and shapes balsa surfboards, fins, nose blocks, tail blocks all for surfboards. He is building website needed some imagery, I met Ian a couple of years ago when he was trading in a Cooperfish longboard (the classic Cadillac of longboards) we immediately connected since he had a rare board for the east coast and had spent time in the point riddled area of Santa Barbara.Here is some of his stuff

A couple more

The chaos behind the lens

I love this total mess behind the lens no lighting and an i-phone, but with a push of a button and thousands of dollars of lighting equipment it is easy.YEAH RIGHT

Get er done!!!!!!!!

Ok! So finished the project for architect Linda Tuttle, and was planning to get that project wrapped up and edited for her. I get a phone call on Wednesday a week ago and it is Tracy from Blue Hand Home these guys are great, totally cool, great sense of style and amazing store. Yes, Wilmington is  ok to step outside the box. Anyways, Tracy has this great client that needed my services and quickly. This scares me sometimes but the home was great and the home owner was pleasure to shoot for.I met Lisa and immediately knew what neede to be done. I scouted Thursday created my shot list, booked my assistant and arrived Friday created 10 shots which took all day but went really well. I have production still from the shoot and some finished images.Thanks Arnie, Tracy , and Lisa.
Just a few others. This truly an amazing house, an upgraded beach house that continues the tradition of Wrightsville Beach retains the character that  is now long gone. I would love to see this house in 20 years once the shabby chic has been applied through time. 

On the other side of the lens

Well kids I know it has been a hot minute since the last update, but I have been workin!!! I really love what I do. So here I am jammed in the corner in the Osprey nest of this beautiful home,about to have my knee spazz and kick the camera over but it is  worth it and  Linda Tuttle was extremely pleased with images which makes very happy. I am a Leo which means I like to be praised. Seriously though I always strive for better and to create great shots.  So here is a look on the other side of the lens and several others, from the shoot. Enjoy!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Really Working! I think I got!!!!!!

Things we do!!!

Yesterday I worked with a great local architect named Linda Tuttle, she is awesome she teaches martial arts and she is a yoga master. I was photographing this widows watch or osprey nest a very small space with huge views and beautiful wood work, one incredible thing about this house is there is no drywall. Anyways Linda showed me some of here yoga moves in order for me to get the shot needed. I was getting ready for my meditative state at the time the picture was taken. Thanks I phone and Linda for the photo. Check back later for the finished shot.xoxo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage Fashion

Keeping busy these days, I really love shooting fashion and working with Catherine at Hallelu is great. In the picture you see me working, so know I have bit of the finished product. The images have a vintage look the tweaked colors are characteristics of old film that has a cross processed look. This is an action I created in photoshop,I really have been opposed to this sort of thing. It seems to easy to push a button and get the effect but this is the state of photography. The action was created by me so that is something to say, not bought from somebody else. Enough ranting!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching up

This past week was a busy week, I did a home shoot for architect Linda Tuttle, Fashion Shoot for Hallelu thanks Catherine the shoot went well had great beach cottage on Oxford Street, thanks to Bryant Real Estate for the use of the cottage. Finished of the week with wedding in rural Willard NC. Now I will be hitting the computer to begin the editing process. Catherine Yearwood of Hallelu took some pics of me working. It is funny to see myself working.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wow! It has been a bit.

OK ! I was hoping to do this a bit more but it has slipped through the cracks. This is good I have been staying busy with work and I promise folks I will be more diligent with my updates. Do you guys want to see some stuff? Cool! Let me see if I can remember how to upload. HHAHAH